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ScyTek Astra 4000RS

Car Alarm Vehicle Security System w/ Remote Start, 5-Button Remote Control & Data Bus Port
ScyTek Astra 4000RS
  • Complete Remote Security and Engine Start System

  • DBP Model with Data Bus Port

  • Two 5-Button transmitters with super bright blue LED

  • Two-Way ready to plug and play through antenna port

  • Two car operation with one way remotes

  • Plug-in dual-zone impact sensor

  • Plug-in user programmable coded override switch and LED on antenna

  • Built-in parking light relay, programmable (+/-)

  • True RPM sensing for real time cranking

  • Remote start tachless mode using adaptive digital processing

  • Compatible with all vehicles

  • Gas or Diesel compatibility

  • Factory disarm and rearm output (-)

  • Power door lock control

  • One Auxiliary channel with selectable output type

  • Price: $59