Location: CAR ALARM / Viper

Viper 3303V

2-Way Responder LC Security System Car Alarm
Viper 3303V
  • 2-Way 24-Channel Paging Responder Car Alarm with Keyless Entry

  • Includes one 5-button LCD 2-way SuperCode remote and one 5-button 1-way SuperCode remote

  • SuperCode Technology provides up to 2000 foot range

  • Priority icon map with 20% larger display

  • Priority user interface

  • Confirms commands on LCD screen

  • Tone and vibrate alert modes

  • D2D port for plug-in Xpresskit vehicle interface

  • On-Board door lock relays

  • Parking light flash

  • Failsafe starter kill

  • Control center with integrated valet switch and bright blue status LED

  • Flex relays and light flash

  • Revenger six-tone soft-chirp siren

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Comfort closure

  • 5 Auxiliary channels

  • Horn honk feature

  • Stinger doubleguard shock sensor

  • Price: $179