MB Quart MX-3

Bass Controller
MX3 Features:

  • Parametric Bass EQ: Provides a wide array of subwoofer output signal shaping controls to enhance bass response and sound quality including Bass Boost, adjustable Bandwidth (wide and narrow), Low Pass and Subsonic Filter

  • Accepts a wide range of incoming music signal levels while accommodating all types of head units and signal processors and controlling the output level to the amp to maximize a signal strength up to 9 volts

  • Clipping Indicators: Visual clipping indicators provide indication of damaging clipped signals to help protect the subwoofer and amplifier. Includes pre-clip, soft-clip as well full-clip indicators

  • Shapes the music signal to achieve deep bass notes as low as 15 Hz

  • Bass Remote: Included bass remote featuring built-in clipping indicators allows direct bass control from in-dash or under-dash

  • Price: $60