Camera MA-550

car rear view camera ccd
Camera MA-550
Keep a keen eye on the rear of the vehicle with this Car Rear View Camera!
This Car Rear view Camera is perfect for backing into tight spots or moving in reverse when visibility is limited, it is like an extra eye. Add video to your vehicle with this Waterproof Rear View Car Camera. It is very necessary for us to install a Waterproof Rear View Car Camera at the back of the car, particularly fit a new hand, because we can´t determine the optimal distance behind the car. Our Rear View Car Camera is applicable to all types of vehicle. It can be installed in place of the vehicle and used with monitor. It will bring you the convenience and benefits from the car camera. This Waterproof Car Rearview Camera features water-proof structure which provides good performance. The Waterproof Car Camera is perfect solution to get rid of poor visibility on your car, boat, trailer, camper, truck, or any vehicle that has no rear-view mirror or poor rear vision.


High-definition and wide viewing angles
Made of high quality and durable material
Real time rear view while back up
The rear view camera is easy to install
The illumination is super low
Wide-angle rear view camera allows you to watch widely than normal cameras
Excellent resolution also follows
Support color CMOS / CCD image
Support PAL / NTSC TV system
With good waterproof and night vision function
With its elegant and contemporary design, this camera is very popular
The wire on car camera about 26.38in
The length of video line: 236.22in
The length of power line: 45.87in

  • Price: $35